10 Ideas To Boost Sustainability In Your Office


No matter the size of your office, sustainable practices should be a priority. Whether you’ve got 8 or 80 team members working at your premises, having the right recycling equipment, processes, and standards in place is so important. If you are struggling to boost sustainability in your office, read on for our top 10 creative ideas.

1. Repurpose And Reuse

Many businesses have a focus on recycling materials, and this is a great practice to have in place. However, sustainability can start one step earlier, by prioritising reusing and repurposing before recycling. Encourage team members to find ways to reuse materials they no longer need by setting up a surplus equipment shelf or cupboard. For example, if one team has some excess printer paper, instead of putting it into a paper recycling machine, it can be reused by a different department.

2. Encourage Hybrid Working

More and more businesses have adopted hybrid and flexible working regimes following the pandemic, but this can also be a great green initiative. Cutting out the commute can help reduce your businesses carbon footprint.

3. Switch To Eco-Friendly Cleaning

The cleaning products used in your office could be harmful to the environment, and by switching to eco-friendly alternatives you can boost sustainability easily. Not only that, but eco-friendly products are free from many chemicals, which can improve employee wellbeing.

4. Audit Your Supply Chain

Where your business is sourcing products and materials from has a big impact on overall sustainability. Conduct an audit of all the supplies coming into your business, and see where you can make some greener switches.

5. Reduce Your Printing

If you are encouraging employees to reduce their use of paper in the office, then it can be beneficial to reduce the availability of printers in the building. When printers are not readily available, employees will naturally find greener alternatives.

6. Conduct Eco Education

Sustainability in an office depends greatly on the individuals working there. Make it a part of the company culture and ensure everyone is well educated on eco-friendly practices and processes.

7. Reward Eco-Performers

You can go one step further than simply encouraging eco-friendly practices, and reward those who are making a conscious effort to improve sustainability.

8. Bring The Outside In

Something as simple as bringing in the delights of outdoors into the office can encourage sustainability and boost wellbeing. Introduce plants into the space, and open up natural lighting wherever you can.

9. Set Up A Green Team

Many businesses are setting up dedicated departments to focus on sustainability, and this can be an effective way of boosting initiatives in the office. Have a specific green team who are responsible for reducing carbon footprint and improving green practices.

10. Invest In Recycling Equipment

Creating a recycling culture in your business is one of the easiest ways to boost sustainability. By having the right used recycling equipment in place, you can make it easier and simpler for your team to dispose of materials in the right way.

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