10 Unique Ways Recyclables Are Reused


Recycling equipment is a staple in any business these days, and many organisations are putting plans in place to improve their waste management strategies and green initiatives. Roughly 30% of all waste generated today is recycled, and the most common materials for recycling machinery are plastic, glass, and metal. We are taking a look into where these recyclables are going and the unique ways they are being reused to create new, innovative things.

Board Games

We all love sitting down with the family at Christmas and playing a good board game, and many homes have staple board games which have been in the cupboard for years. Now, manufacturers are making these long lasting products from recycled materials. Monopoly have recently launched their Go Green edition, where the board, money, instructions, action cards, and money tray are all made from 100% recycled paper. The dice, tokens, and houses are produced using FSC certified wood or sugarcane.

Automotive Parts

Automotive manufacturers are now choosing to create their parts using recycled materials. Hyundai manufactured their veneers from scrap bark from cork oak trees, while Ford have been using powdered coconut fibre as a filler for their load floors, door cladding, and bins.

Clothing And Fashion

Many clothing manufacturers are choosing to use recycled plastic in their garments. When plastic goes through recycling machinery, it is melted and spun to a thread which can be used to create a water-resistant, lightweight fabric. 


Recycled plastic bags can be used to create beautiful carpets. Many rugs are made from recycled plastic and are completely waterproof and very durable, making them perfect for use outdoors.

Insulation Blocks

Styrofoam is known for being a great material for insulation, and many homeowners choose this for a DIY project. However, major manufacturers are now turning recycled Styrofoam into fire-resistant insulation. This kind of insulation is excellent for commercial use and large buildings.

Olympic Medals

Last year, the Olympics were more sustainable than ever before, and one of their initiatives was creating their medals from old electronic devices. Organisers harvested precious metals from smartphones and computers and melted it down to create medals for the athletes.


Lumber is one of the most popular uses for recycled plastic bottles and film. It can be used to create composite decking which is completely waterproof and non-slip. Unlike traditional decking, this will not rot, warp, or splinter.


Shoe manufacturers are now creating trainers from plastic recycled from the oceans. Adidas have recently released new shoes made entirely from recycled plastics, which are waterproof, supportive, and comfortable.

Children’s Toys

Toys are fast becoming the next big thing to embrace the use of recycled plastic. Barbie have been manufacturing children’s toys for decades and have now moved to a 90% recycled plastic material. LEGO announced all their bricks will be made from sustainable materials by 2030.

A Hospital Ward

One of the most unique uses we have seen for recycled materials is the production of an entire hospital ward in Taipei. The walls are made from recycled aluminium, the ceiling from reused DVDs, and recycled polyester was used for insulation.