3 Reasons Small Business Should Focus On Recycling


Large businesses often have extensive and comprehensive recycling and waste management strategies in place, to help handle the waste they are producing on a regular basis. However, small businesses often lack this focus on recycling, and many consider having a recycling programme as a project for the future. It can be more challenging for small companies, as fewer employees and other priorities often means recycling is at the bottom of the list. Not only that, but many small business owners assume that dealing with recycling machinery or equipment is overly complicated, and so opt for the easy method of throwing everything into general waste.

At WRT, we are experts in used recycling equipment and have helped many businesses of all shapes and sizes implement effective waste management strategies. Check out our top 3 reasons why small businesses should focus on recycling.

Cut Back On Costs

It is a common misconception that recycling makes waste management more expensive. By separating out recyclable materials from your general waste, you will reduce the amount of space used in your bins for collection. This could mean you could potentially replace your bins with a smaller, more affordable options, or reduce how frequently your waste is collected. Investing in recycling machinery, such as a baler or compactor, can also help to reduce the cost of waste management. After the initial investment of the used recycling equipment, you will begin to see savings as your waste will take up much less space.

Improves Sustainability And Brand Image

It is an obvious point that having a recycling strategy will improve sustainability within your business. Not only does this help to protect the planet, but it can also work to improve your brand image. Consumers are becoming increasingly eco-conscious, and looking to buy from businesses which are making an effort to be sustainable. Customers are taking green initiatives into account when making purchasing decisions, and if your small business is failing to recycle properly, you could be missing out.

Increase Employee Engagement

The people within a small business are the heart and soul of the organisation. They are the ones dealing with customers, organising products, arranging services and everything in between. It is so important to find the right people for the job in a small business, and recycling can actually help with that. When individuals are looking for a new role, they are looking at much more than just a job. They want a company that fits with their personal values and demonstrates strong ethics. When you have a solid recycling plan in place, you are making a clear statement to your team and potential employees that your business cares about making a difference. You can provide education to your workforce about the benefits of recycling, and how they can do this properly, which can be great for boosting morale and keeping everyone involved.

For more information on how we can help your small business get started with recycling, and to find the right recycling equipment for you, contact our expert team.