3 Tips For Preventing Dumpster Diving At Your Business


Dumpster diving is a common problem that many businesses across all industries face on a regular basis. You could have the right recycling machinery and an efficient waste management plan in place, and have all that hard work interrupted by someone trying to salvage your waste items. That doesn’t always have to be the case, as we’re sharing our top 3 tips for preventing dumpster diving at your business.

What Is Dumpster Diving?

Dumpster diving is the term used when someone attempts to take and salvage items that have previously been thrown out. Dumpster diving itself is not an illegal act, but it often goes hand in hand with trespassing and damaging property, which can be a real issue for businesses. On top of this, it is likely that company waste could contain sensitive data and information which needs to be kept confidential from the general public.

How To Prevent Dumpster Diving

These are our top 3 ways to prevent dumpster diving at your business facility;


1. Put Waste And Recycling Equipment In A Secure Location

One of the most effective ways to stop dumpster divers from targeting your business is to place your waste in a location which is challenging to reach. This can be difficult in reality, as your waste also needs to be in a location which is easily accessible for waste collection. One solution is to put recycling equipment and waste bins behind a gate which is lockable, and either provide access to your waste collection service or ensure the gate is opened on collection days. Always use cut proof locks for gates as trespassers have been known to use bolt cutters for dumpster diving.


2. Install Motion Lights And Cameras

The majority of those trespassing for dumpster diving will do so at night time under the cover of darkness. An easy way to put these individuals off is to install motion lights and cameras around your waste area. With these in place, any motion detected around your bins and recycling machinery will cause the lights to illuminate and the perpetrators will be recorded on camera.


3. Use Recycling Machinery To Your Advantage

Dumpster divers typically target waste bins where items are left out for collection and haven’t been destroyed or organised. Having the right recycling equipment as part of your waste management strategy can work to prevent dumpster diving, as waste will have been appropriately separated, baled, and stored ready for recycling. For example, if trespassers are trying to salvage metal from your waste and it is thrown in dumpsters or left loose for collection, it will be easy for them to retrieve. If metal recycling has been compacted or baled using recycling machinery, it will be nearly impossible for trespassers to move.

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