4 Tips To Reduce Manufacturing Waste


The manufacturing industry is one of the biggest producers of waste in the UK. Manufacturers are always looking for ways to minimise the amount of waste they are creating, and unfortunately no process will ever be able to completely avoid waste products. The industry has come under scrutiny over the years for producing mass amounts of waste and failing to use appropriate recycling machinery and methods.

At WRT, we specialise in helping all kinds of businesses, including manufacturers, find the right kind of used recycling equipment for their operation. In this article, we are sharing our top 4 tips to reduce manufacturing waste.

1. Look At Your Packaging

One of the biggest drivers of excess waste in manufacturing is packaging, and it can be one of the simplest changes to make. By slightly modifying your product packaging, you could cut down the waste you are producing by a drastic amount. Limiting packaging will reduce the amount of waste that is generated during manufacturing, while also reducing the amount of waste that is passed onto customers. No matter your product, packaging can be easily revamped in a way that uses less materials. Many products have historically used many layers of unnecessary packaging, but by streamlining this process, you can eliminate this completely.

2. Close The Loop

Closed loop manufacturing is the next big thing in the industry and helps to keep materials in circulation and limit waste production. With a closed loop approach, any waste which is created post-production is collected and reused for another manufacturing process. Closed loop manufacturing is certainly not an easy or quick fix to an excess waste problem, but it can be very beneficial in the long term and well worth the time and effort. Materials which were previously considered waste are reintroducing into the overall lifecycle instead of sent to landfill.

3. Focus On Inventory Management

Properly controlling and managing the materials within your manufacturing process can help to cut back the amount of waste being produced. You should always have a hold on the amount of raw materials in stock at your business, and avoid excess ordering among your team. When you only order the quantity required for your manufacturing process, you can reduce the amount of waste being produced.

4. Invest In The Right Recycling Equipment

It is impossible to completely eliminate all waste from your manufacturing process. However, how you dispose of the waste you are producing is critical. Investing in the right recycling equipment at your factory can ensure your team are properly disposing of the waste which is being produced during the manufacturing process. You can choose the right kind of machinery for your business, depending on the most common waste materials coming from your production. Many manufacturers are wary of investing large amounts in recycling equipment, which is why we offer top quality used recycling machines to keep costs to a minimum.

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