5 Reasons To Recycle Wood

Many different types of businesses produce waste wood, and just like other materials, it can be recycled for future use. When wood is not put into recycling machinery or collected by a waste management company, it often ends up in landfill where it adds to the growing piles of rubbish.

Demolition and construction industries are easily the largest producers of wooden waste, but other sectors including commercial, industrial, and household, all dispose of wood on a regular basis. Despite so much waste wood being produced every day, only around 15% of this is recycled. Here are our top 5 reasons to recycle wood in your business.

Preserving Natural Resources

Every time wood is recycled, it means less trees need to be felled for new products. Putting waste wood into your recycling equipment will help preserve the world’s natural resources and prevent additional trees being demolished. Trees are crucial for our ecosystem because they release oxygen and have a positive impact on our planet. New wood which is taken directly from trees is actually considered to be sustainable as the trees will be regrown. However, this process takes many years, so preserving natural resources and recycling waste wood is the best way forward.

Preventing Landfill Waste

One of the main reasons to recycle wood is to prevent the amount of waste your company is sending to landfill. By not using recycling machinery to get rid of waste wood, you could be contributing to the many harmful effects that landfill has on the environment. Landfill causes foul odours, biodiversity loss, chemical leaking, and many other adverse effects, and it is essential that businesses divert as much as possible away from this.

Creating New Products

When wood is recycled using waste recycling equipment, it can be recreated into a range of useful materials and products. Recycled wood is commonly used for garden furniture, building materials and even play area surfaces. Many different industries use recycled wood for products which would otherwise need new materials to produce.

Reducing Fire Hazards

If your business produces a lot of waste wood, having it lying around or piled up for waste can be very dangerous. Excess wood can be a fire hazard in the workplace, but using the right recycling equipment means your waste materials are kept out of the way and reduces your risk of fire.

Cutting Down Costs

Waste management can be a large expense for any company, and anything you can do to keep costs to a minimum is a big advantage. Recycling wood is far cheaper than paying landfill tipping fees, and if you have your own recycling machinery, you can save even more. Not only that, but using recycled wood for new products is much more cost effective than buying virgin materials.

At WRT we are experts in supplying used recycling equipment to businesses of all shapes and sizes. If you are ready to start recycling your wood waste