5 Reasons Why Cardboard Recycling Is Important

If you’ve ever ordered anything online, there’s a strong chance that the item came in cardboard, whether that’s the item itself or the outer packaging. It’s also one of the UK’s most recycled materials; the majority of the population are able to pop it into their regular recycling bins from home or go to a local recycling plant for larger items. You don’t need specialist waste recycling equipment to get rid of cardboard at home; however, recycling equipment is a great investment for businesses who dispose of a high volume of the material. 

We all know recycling is a good thing for sustainability but have you considered why you should recycle as much cardboard as you can? Keep reading for our top five reasons for why you need to keep recycling cardboard!

Saves Energy

Although recycling and transporting cardboard requires a lot of energy, it’s much less than producing it from scratch. By reusing and breaking down existing cardboard, this has already gone through the initial processes and is much less harmful to the environment. 

Saves Trees

Because the process of making cardboard requires stripping trees from their barks to make shredded wood chips, recycling cardboard is using existing bark that has already gone through the various stages to make it into cardboard. This helps to prevent deforestation and saves wildlife living in forests. Trees are also excellent for increasing natural oxygen levels in the air, making us all healthier. 

Reduces Landfill

Landfills are harmful for the local area as they contribute greatly to air and water pollution. The less cardboard that ends up in landfill, the less pollution caused. Whilst some items cannot be recycled, there is absolutely no need to send cardboard to landfill. For businesses, investing in used recycling machinery is the best way to reduce the amount of cardboard you sent to landfill and hopefully eradicate it entirely.

Reduces Greenhouse Gases

When sent to landfill, the decomposition of cardboard produces methane, a greenhouse gas, into the air, causing harm to the environment and contributing to climate change. By recycling any cardboard, you are doing your bit to help save the planet and prolong its lifespan.

Creates Jobs

Recycling is an industry that is incredibly labour-intensive. From collection and sorting to providing waste recycling equipment, there are various job roles throughout the cardboard recycling process. Every company in the industry requires staff in administration, logistics and processing, meaning a wider range of jobs are available. It’s also a growing industry as more people become environmentally conscious so there are plenty of opportunities to grow a career.

Cardboard can be recycled several times and it doesn’t affect its durability. It’s easy enough for both the general public and businesses to recycle cardboard. If you’re a business looking for cardboard recycling equipment solutions, get in touch today and see if we can solve your recycling problems. We’re the UK’s leading provider for used waste recycling equipment and can find something suitable for businesses of any size.