5 Solutions For Businesses To Fight Climate Change And Stay Profitable


It is no secret that businesses need to incorporate sustainability into their plans moving forward. Green initiatives are no longer a trend that businesses are following to gain consumer attention, but an absolute must in order to stay on track against the competition.

Predictions in climate change in the very near future has the potential to hinder profitability and disrupt supply chains, and the sustainable solutions that businesses choose to adopt play a critical role in their success. As experts in recycling machinery for all kinds of businesses, we are sharing our top 5 solutions to fight climate change and stay profitable.

1. Set Up A Green Team

Sustainability should be at the core of everything your business is doing, and having the right people in place to look after this can help to keep your organisation on track. Provide education and training to all employees on green practices, recycling equipment operation, and the wider implications of sustainability on the business. Get everyone involved with ideas on how to tackle climate change without hindering your bottom line, and encourage all your team members to take action in their own daily roles.

2. Encourage Video Conferencing

Limiting the amount of business travel taking place among your team can help both the planet and your profits. In the last couple of years, video conferencing technology has been thrown into the spotlight and is now better than ever before. Encourage everyone within the business to choose video conferences over face to face events wherever possible.

3. Choose Sustainable Suppliers

A lot of businesses focus on what is going out of their business when they look at sustainability. This often includes recycling machinery, methods to reduce waste, and analysing the kind of refuse being created. However, taking a look at what you are brining into your business is another vital way of tackling sustainability and remaining profitable. Consider whether your current suppliers are working in a sustainable way, and if there are any greener alternatives that could be better suited to your brand.

4. Opt For Energy Efficient Equipment

Energy bills are at an all time high, and focusing on driving these down can help both your profits and your carbon footprint. Small switches such as the lightbulbs used in your office can save huge amounts on both CO2 emissions and annual energy costs. Whenever it is time to purchase new equipment, whether that be recycling machinery or new laptops, make sure you are choosing options which are energy efficient.

5. Consider Where Your Waste Is Going

Landfills are one of the biggest sources of emissions in the world, and nearly half of all waste is still being sent there. By making sure you have the right recycling machines and processes in place, you can minimise the amount of waste going into landfill, and also save on your business waste costs. Analyse the type of waste being produced in your company, and then look to see what kind of recycling equipment you could benefit from.

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