5 Things Your Business Can Do To Fight Climate Change

Tackling climate change and adopting more sustainable practices is a priority for most businesses these days. With the COP26 Climate Change Conference kicking off on Sunday 31st October, the whole world is focus on this subject at the moment. As a business, there are so many small changes you can make to reduce your impact on the planet. Even when you are already putting the effort in to improve your sustainability, there is always going to be more you could be doing. Today, we are looking at 5 easy things your business can do to fight climate change.

Measure Your GHG Emissions

GHG stands for Greenhouse Gas emissions, and it is an important thing to look at when you want to do your bit to fight climate change. You will never be able to truly know if your efforts and changes are making a different to your carbon footprint, if you aren’t somehow tracking your emissions. From your recycling machinery to your travel arrangements, every part of your business will affect your GHG. There are a lot of companies out there that offer tools to help measure emissions for businesses of all sizes.

Use Renewable Energy

Thousands of individuals have made the switch to renewable energy providers, and businesses can do the same. There are plenty of suppliers out there who have solutions for 100% renewable energy, and this is an easy switch that can massively impact your carbon footprint.

Consider Your Team’s Transport

One of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions is transportation. Take a look at how your employees are travelling to work and how they get about if they work in various locations. Encouraging public transport is an excellent way of reducing CO2 emissions, or setting up a carpool scheme for those who live near each other.

Work With Sustainable Suppliers

It isn’t just your own sustainable practices that you need to worry about, but also the companies you choose to work with. If you put procedures in place to only work with organisations who demonstrate good environmental practices, you can easily reduce your own impact on the planet. Look out for suppliers who have sustainability certifications and can provide a statement on what they are doing to fight climate change.

Look At Your Waste Management

Waste is a major contributor to climate change, and doing everything you can to reduce the amount you send to landfill is essential. Cut down the amount of rubbish your business produces, and make sure that any waste which cannot be eliminated is recycled properly. Invest in recycling equipment so that your business can properly dispose of the materials you use most often. For example, if you produce a lot of cardboard waste, a baler or compactor would be a great option. 

If you are not sure what type of recycling equipment your business needs, or you have questions about used recycling machines, get in touch with our team at WRT.