7 Ways To Improve Your Triple Bottom Line

The Triple Bottom Line, or TBL, is a concept that has been around for some time, and was a term first used by John Elkington. It is a business strategy which values profit, people, and the planet equally. Every business must be focused on profit as their bottom line, but the TBL concept adds in the idea that for a business to be successful it must be sustainable. When businesses start using the Triple Bottom Line, they will be able to look at the company holistically and with a socially conscious view. 

Now that we have covered what the Triple Bottom Line is, our experts are sharing their top 7 ways to improve this.

Introduce Remote Working

Following the COVID pandemic, many companies are now pushing for staff to come back to the office. However, remote working can help to dramatically reduce your businesses carbon footprint, so if you don’t have a remote working policy already, consider introducing one.

Go Paperless

Gone are the days of needing everything printed off or written down. Making the change to make every aspect of your business paperless will have a huge impact on your Triple Bottom Line. Look for solutions to store and share documents digitally and ban the paper for good.

Stop Using Disposable Items

If your company is constantly using disposable items such as plates, cutlery, or containers, it is time to change. Stop with the single use items and invest in reusable things for your teams to use. Equip your kitchen with washable sets and washing facilities or encourage staff to bring their own reusable coffee cups and containers for their drinks and meals.

Have A Recycling Plan

Recycling is one of the most effective ways of improving your Triple Bottom Line. Create a recycling strategy which fits around your business and the waste you most commonly produce. Invest in the right used recycling machinery to help support your plans and educate your teams on the right ways to recycle.

Consider Your Packaging

If your business produces and manufactures goods, then one of the easiest ways to improve sustainability and your Triple Bottom Line is to consider your packaging. If you rely on plastic for your packaging, then consider some alternatives that are better for the environment.

Set Up A Sustainability Team

Improving your sustainability is a critical part of the Triple Bottom Line, and this really starts with the people in your business. Encourage your employees to get involved in green initiatives by setting up a sustainability team at your workplace. They will be the key people responsible for looking at current processes and coming up with new ideas and solutions to improve sustainability. 

Know Your Recyclables

It is one thing having a recycling plan in place, but this will only work if you have the correct knowledge on what to recycle and what not to. Before you pile your recycling machinery full of all the waste your business produces, take the time to understand the most common recycling contaminants and the impact they can have. 

For more information on recycling equipment and how it can help your business improve the Triple Bottom Line, get in touch with our experts.