Cardboard Recycling: Where Does It End Up?

We all know that recycling brings with it many commercial benefits. From cost savings to sustainability, businesses choose to recycling for a range of different reasons. Cardboard is one of the most commonly recycled materials in the world. It is used in almost every industry, household and business in the country, and is often recycled using waste recycling equipment such as a baler. The paper-based material is easy to recycle and can be used to make so many other products and materials in future. Today, we are looking at where our cardboard recycling ends up after going in your recycling equipment, and what other products cardboard recycling produces.

Paper Bags

Paper bags are widely used in retail, supermarkets, eCommerce and more. They are given as gift bags or used as an eco-friendly alternative to carrier bags in store. No matter the type of paper-based bag, the chances are it could be produced using recycled cardboard. After cardboard is recycled in waste recycling equipment, it is mulched down and can be turned into various types of paper for use in bags. This is great because it reduces the amount of new paper produced across the planet.

Boxes And Packaging

That cardboard box you put into your waste recycling equipment could very easily be transformed into a brand new box or cardboard packaging further down the line. Old cardboard is commonly used to create new cardboard, as well as other paper-based packaging solutions such as paperboard. The paper fibres found in cardboard are very strong and resilient, which means they can be recycled over and over again in order to produce new boxes.


Next time you are reading the news, consider the fact that your newspaper was probably created from old cardboard. The truth is, almost any kind of paper-based product can go into waste recycling equipment and be used to produce more paper. It isn’t just newspapers that come from cardboard but writing paper and even books are often produced in this way. Any kind of paper you come across could have been made from previously recycled materials, helping to cut down on the number of trees we use.


We often don’t consider tissues and kitchen roll to be a type of paper but that is exactly what they are. Cardboard can be recycled down into much finer materials including paper towels and tissues. Across the globe, we go through a huge number of tissues and paper towels every day, and they generally don’t get recycled again, so producing them from recycled cardboard is so important.


Many people are surprised to find out that recycled cardboard can be used to create hardwearing materials such as chipboard. When cardboard is put into recycling machinery, is will eventually be broken down to a pulp material. This is then used to create chipboard which can be seen in furniture, flooring, packaging, countertops and more.

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