Everything We Learnt During Recycle Week 2021

Recycle Week 2021 has just come to a close, and once again we have loved seeing how everyone gets involved in the Recycle Now event. Despite being specialists in used recycling equipment, we are constantly learning and developing our skills in the world of recycling. Technologies are always changing and evolving, and each year, Recycle Week brings with it some new lessons

This year, the event ran from 20th to 26th September and was funded once again by DEFRA, the Department For Environment, Food And Rural Affairs. The annual event is all about celebrating how we are protecting the environment and teaching the public about how to recycle the right materials. Huge brands get involved with Recycle Week every year, and this year we saw McDonalds, Amazon, Innocent Drinks and Co-Op all fire up their recycling machinery and do their part for the campaign.

Step It Up This Recycle Week

The theme for this year was “Step It Up This Recycle Week” and the event had a big focus on how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the world. Campaigners for the event made light of the situation over the last 15 months and how there have been many things recently which we have no control over. The Climate Crisis is one area that everyone can actively do something to change, and it is small yet powerful habits that make a real difference. Having all staff use your recycling machinery or encouraging your family to recycle everything at home, can be a small change with a big impact.

Recycle Week Statistics

Throughout Recycle Week 2021, latest statistics and figures on our current recycling situation were released. Wrap.org.uk revealed that the UK saves a massive 18 million tonnes of CO2 every single year. That is the equivalent to taking a huge 12 million vehicles off of our roads. Not only that, but 9 out of 10 people in the UK are recycling and using recycling equipment. However, 55% of UK households are still putting things in general waste which could be recycled.

Green Buildings Across The UK

During Recycle Week 2021, many famous buildings and landmarks lit up green to show their support and spread the message of recycling to the masses. Blackpool Tower turned all their illuminations green last week, while Tower 42 embellished the recycling swoosh across their building. Gateshead Millennium Bridge, Royal Liver Building, and Belfast City Hall all joined in the festivities too. As well as lighting the cities green, Recycle Week 2021 commissioned local artists to paint murals on buildings all over the country. They used CO2 absorbing paint that works to clean the air of toxins in major cities including Belfast, Newcastle, and London.

Recycle Week 2021 has once again done an amazing job of raising awareness about the importance of recycling and climate change. If you’ve been left feeling inspired to improve your green practices at your business, we are here to help. We can assist with used recycling machinery and recycling equipment advice, to set your business up for success with your next eco-challenge. Get in touch today.