Everything You Need To Know About ScreenPod Air Separation

For over five years, WRT Recycling and ScreenPod Design and Manufacturing have been working together to identify a gap in the market for screening, recycling and dust suppression solutions. Working together has allowed us to help businesses lower their operational costs, save money on maintenance and staff, increase production and therefore improve profits. We believe that investing in waste management and air separation machinery is a big step forward for your business.

Since becoming a partner of ScreenPod, we have been able to offer a full range of the products to streamline the way materials are handled and processed. We’ve broken down some of our favourite products from the range and how they can work for your business.

AirVac Separation Range

The AirVac range compiles an adjustable vacuum head unit fitted over a stockpile conveyor or screenbox. A diesel or electric fan is available to recover the lights via a flexible hose to a skip or collection cage. This range is suitable for compost and wood to remove plastics and lights from it. These machines are meant for long-term investment as they are built to last and offer value for money over a period of time. 

AirTrac Windshifter Range

The latest DS1500 model has been designed as a mobile and static installation. It has incorporated low energy consumption, low noise levels and low dust emissions, meaning it’s the best model out there right now. However, it’s still great value for money, meeting all of the latest regulations and helping to save the environment at the same time. 

The AirTrac Windshifter model removes lights from oversized materials by separating lights and heavies into two different sections. The heavies move onto another appliance, such as to be further processed and recycled, or a stockpile. The lights are transferred using controlled airflow and moved into a bunker or onto the optional conveyor belt.

The model can be set up quickly in around ten minutes and has a fully adjustable air recirculation system. It can also be used to separate a whole range of waste streams, including:

  • Trommel/screened Fines
  • Compost cleaning & de-stoning
  • Crushed demolition and construction rubble
  • Bio energy production
  • Commingled materials
  • MRF glass cleaning
  • Incinerated ash (IBA)
  • Electronic waste (wee)
  • Preparing waste for fuel i.e. SRF/RDF
  • Scrap metal etc.

By using a windshifter to separate lights and heavies, it protects other pieces of equipment throughout the recycling process. This initial first step allows the process to increase production throughout the plant and is a quick return on investment. 

At WRT, we have over 40 years of expertise and experience in the recycling equipment industry. We pride ourselves in providing top quality products at good prices to allow you to take your business to the next level. We provide new and used recycling machines, whether you want to buy, lease or hire equipment, as well as spares and parts. If you’re in the market for used waste recycling equipment, WRT has everything you need. Get in touch via our contact page.