Everything You Need To Know About Using Balers For Aluminium Recycling


Balers are a type of recycling equipment which is commonly used for reducing and compacting cardboard and paper waste. Many businesses across a range of industries use balers and compactors as part of their waste management plans, but it might come as a surprise that this kind of recycling machinery is also very effective for use with aluminium. Aluminium is an extremely valuable material, and can actually add an additional revenue stream to businesses which produce a lot of aluminium or other metal waste.

As experts in used recycling machinery, we are sharing everything you need to know about using balers for aluminium recycling.

Why Recycle Aluminium?

In addition to the fact that recycling aluminium can actually make your business money, there are many other reasons why you should be focusing on recycling this valuable material. Producing new aluminium from raw materials uses a huge amount of energy, but recycling it uses a whopping 95% less energy. On top of that, putting aluminium in recycling machinery can save on CO2 emissions and bauxite. The recycling process for this metal is very quick and easy, and a tin can can be recycled and back on store shelves in just 60 days.

How Does An Aluminium Baler Work?

Aluminium balers are a type of recycling machine which compresses and condenses the metal down to a compact size. This makes it more suitable for the recycling process and can also help save valuable space in your facility. When aluminium is baled using a recycling machine, it can be efficiently shipped, and the materials are much easier to handle than when they are loose. A baler works by crushing and cutting the metal down into a small cube, known as a bale, which can then be collected by your waste management company.

When it comes to aluminium recycling, closed door balers or two ram balers are the most suitable options. Balers which are going to be used to process metals need to be stronger and more reliable than those designed to handle paper and cardboard. Most balers for metal recycling will use multiple compression rams for the best results. These types of recycling machines are available as both stationary and portable models depending on your business requirements.

Where Does Baled Aluminium Go?

Once aluminium has been through the baler recycling machine, it is ready to be collected or shipped to a recycling facility. Here it will be melted down and produced into brand new products which can be used time and time again. Common uses for recycled aluminium include parts of aeroplanes, vehicle rims, building ductwork, bicycles, and new cans for food and beverage items.

If you are ready to improve your aluminium recycling processes and are looking for the perfect baler for your facility, our team at WRT are here to help. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and find out more.