Everything You Need To Know About Working With A Waste Disposal Company

Every business has waste of one form or another that they need to dispose of. Waste disposal companies are an efficient and reliable way to handle business waste but finding one can be a complicated process. It is crucial that you know who you are working with as a business, and when it comes to waste, you must make sure yours is being disposed of responsibly. Even when you hire a waste disposal company, it is still your responsibility to ensure they are correctly handling your waste after it has been collected. Before you fire up your recycling equipment and prepare your trash for collection, there are a few things to consider about working with a waste disposal company.

Registered For Waste Disposal

A company must be registered with the Environment Agency if they are disposing of waste. Any businesses that offer to remove waste for you but are not registered are operating illegally and should not be used. Make sure your waste disposal company provides proof of registration before you arrange your first collection. If you are using waste material recycling machines and they are collecting bales from you, be confident they are operating above the law.

Waste Disposal Plans And Processes

Every business that is in the waste disposal world will have plans and processes in place for getting rid of waste from customers. Always ask how they will be disposing of your rubbish and ensure their plans are in line with government regulations. Their processes should align with your own business both ethically and environmentally. If your business uses recycling equipment and has a zero-landfill policy, then make sure you work with a company that prioritises recyclables. Waste disposal businesses have a lot more options available when it comes to recycling, so really, they should be putting as little as possible into landfill. Having waste recycling equipment isn’t enough to demonstrate that your business operates in an environmentally friendly manner. You have a responsibility to prevent, reuse, recycle and recover waste, and this includes knowing what your waste disposal company is doing with it.

Waste Transfer Notes

A waste transfer note is a document which records the transfer of waste from one business to another. This covers the responsibility of the trash as opposed to the physical movement. When you hire a waste disposal company, they should be providing you with a waste transfer note every time they collect from your recycling machinery. This document proves that your waste has been handed over to another company, and is vital if it’s found that your rubbish isn’t disposed of lawfully.

Types Of Waste

Sometimes, waste disposal companies will specialise in specific types of waste. It is vital that you work with a business that can dispose of all the trash you produce. For example, if you only have cardboard and use recycling equipment to bale it appropriately, you only need a waste disposal company that can recycle cardboard. However, if you also produce wood, paper, plastic or even C&D waste, you need a disposal company that can handle these as well.  

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