How Going Green Can Help Save Money As Gas Prices Rise


It is certainly not a secret that the price of fuel has increased dramatically in recent weeks. From household bills to petrol and diesel, the costs for all of these essentials are higher than they have been in a long time, and showing no signs of slowing. From a business point of view, almost every industry has been affected in one way or another. The world of waste management is no exception, as rubbish trucks and recycling machinery are more expensive to keep running.

Many waste companies are predicting a significant increase in landfill and hauling fees, as the operating expenses for these services are higher than ever. Businesses of all shapes and sizes need to be prepared for these expenses to go up. Luckily, recycling and introducing new green initiatives can help save your company some of these cost increases.

Optimise Your Waste Storage

You can keep your costs to a minimum by optimising your waste services and storage. If you have large bins for your waste, consider how often they are emptied and if you regularly need to arrange extra pickups. One option is to choose a large bin to reduce the number of times it needs to be emptied. If you are producing a lot of waste, it can be worth investing in your own recycling equipment, such as a compactor. This will mean you have more space to store your waste before requiring a collection.

Increase Your Recycling

The more your business recycles, the more money you can save. Using recycling equipment and separating out all your recyclables from your waste, will save you space in your bins and help to optimise your space even more. Not only that, but recyclable materials are considered a commodity, and so the cost to recycle them is often much less than the cost of sending waste to landfill.

Avoid Extra Charges And Fees

There are various additional charges which you might incur during your waste management. These usually include costs for things like obstructions to the trucks collecting waste on your premises, containers being over capacity, or recyclables being contaminated. You can avoid these fees by ensuring none of your recyclable materials are contaminated with these common contaminants, and by making sure your waste areas are set up appropriately. Knowing the additional costs you could be charged from your waste management company and how to avoid these can make a big different to your bottom line.

Ultimately, the rising prices of fuel are not showing any signs of easing in the near future, and your business can take action to help combat these increasing expenses. At WRT, we are experts in used recycling machinery, and our team can help suggest the best equipment to help your company save on waste management costs. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements and explore our current recycling machinery.