How To Break Down Cardboard To Improve Your Recycling Equipment Efficiency

From retailers to manufacturers, cardboard waste is the most commonly recycled material for a huge range of businesses. This is partly because of how many applications cardboard is used for, and partly because it is so easily recyclable. It is such a versatile product that can be broken down in recycling machinery and reused time and time again. While it is great news that it is so widely recycled, and that so many businesses are aware of the benefits of recycling cardboard, a lot of people fail to realise the consequences of not properly breaking down cardboard before recycling. 

Why Does Cardboard Need To Be Broken Down For Recycling Equipment?

We all know that we are supposed to fold down cardboard boxes before putting them into used recycling machinery. Despite this, many people still fail to do so, and instead choose to throw cardboard into the recycling unbroken. While it might be easier and quicker to not break down cardboard, it can cause issues for your business.

Failing to break down this material before loading up recycling equipment such as a cardboard baler can actually be an expensive mistake for companies. Recycling machinery like balers and compacters are designed to crush down cardboard as small as possible. Giving your recycling equipment a helping hand by breaking up cardboard before putting it in can help save time and money. 

If cardboard is put into used recycling machinery as a large structure, the machine will take more time and energy in crushing it down. It is also less likely that all of the air and spaces will be effectively removed from the materials. By breaking down boxes before putting them into your recycling equipment, you can ensure the end result is air-free, well crushed cardboard. Having a lot of air spaces in your cardboard will mean it takes up more space in the container. In turn, you will need more containers for your waste and the more containers you have, the more expensive your waste disposal will become. 

How To Break Down Cardboard Efficiently

The main reason businesses fail to break down their cardboard waste is time. However, it doesn’t have to be a lengthy process. Knowing how to quickly and effortlessly break down cardboard can save your team a huge amount of hassle. The best process for breaking up cardboard boxes for recycling equipment is:

  1. Turn the box upside down and use a box cutter to break the bottom seam.
  2. Repeat the same process for the two flaps on the box ends.
  3. Position all of the flaps upwards so they are outside the box on both sides.
  4. Twist and push until the box collapses into a flat piece of board, ready to go into your recycling equipment or be stacked for collection.

If you have more questions about how to efficiently recycle cardboard in your business, or to find out more about used recycling equipment, contact our experts.