How To Choose The Right Trash Compactor For Your Business?

When it comes to waste material recycling machines for businesses, trash compactors are one of the most common. They are used at the end of the recycling process and are great for compacting materials in order to save space and transport them easily. Waste compactors are suitable for a wide selection of materials, including cardboard, paper, tin cans, packaging and even clothing. When you are in the market for new or used recycling machinery, it is vital that you know what to look out for. Choosing the right trash compactor for your business can make a huge difference to your efficiency and cost. In this guide, we are sharing everything you need to know about choosing the right recycling equipment for your business.

Material Type

The most important thing to understand when choosing a waste compactor is the type of material you will be putting into it. Different types of recycling equipment are designed to handle different types of waste, so getting this right is crucial. If your used recycling machinery is primarily used for waste materials which are solid, including metal, plastic or cardboard, then a standard waste compactor or cardboard baler could be your best choice. On the other hand, if your company handles a lot of general waste which cannot be recycled, a Roto compactor could work well for you. This kind of recycling equipment can cut down general waste by up to nine times, making it the perfect solutions for hotels, restaurants and supermarkets. Wet waste compactors are the best option for businesses which produce a large amount of wet waste such as food. They are completely sealed which makes them perfect for waste with an odour.

Recycling Equipment Size

The next thing to consider when choosing a trash compactor is the size of the machine you need. Generally, this is determined by how much waste your business produces and the physical space you have to fit the equipment in. Start by assessing how much waste your business is creating. It is worth looking at this on a weekly basis, or however often your waste is collected. All used recycling machinery will have a specific output, so you need to choose one which suits your requirements. Failing to properly calculate the amount of trash your business produces can leave you with recycling equipment that is too large for your requirements, or too small to help your business.

Think carefully about where you will be storing your recycling equipment as well. Safety is the key deciding factor here, so make sure you consider a space in your premises where the machine can be operated safely. Trash compactors are generally available as either horizontal or vertical. If you have plenty of space, then a horizontal compactor is best because they can handle more materials and provide a higher output.

As specialist used recycling equipment suppliers, we are here to help you choose the right trash compactor for your business. Contact our team of experts to discuss your requirements.