How To Sell Used Recycling Equipment?

Whether you no longer need your used recycling equipment, or you have upgraded to newer machinery, knowing how to get rid of your old equipment efficiently is crucial.

Used recycling machinery is in high demand, and there are plenty of companies looking to buy second hand equipment. If you are considering selling your used recycling machinery, you need to consider its current condition, any repairs that need completing and dismantling for removal. Not all waste recycling equipment will be suitable for resale, and sometimes the only option is to dispose of is responsibly. Here is everything you need to know about selling your used recycling equipment.

Understand The Condition Of Your Used Recycling Equipment
Before you can decide if you can sell your old machinery, or if it is only suitable for waste, you need to determine what condition it is in. If your waste recycling equipment is faulty, then you might want to complete a cost analysis to determine if repairing it is going to be worth your time, effort and expense. Sometimes it might just be a case of needing a spare part for your machine. At WRT, our experts may be able to advise you whether your used recycling machinery can be repaired or not.

Disposing Of Used Recycling Equipment
If you have determined that your old waste recycling machiney is not suitable for resale, then you need to dispose of it safely and responsibly. From used balers and compactors to used shredding machines, the majority of this equipment can be recycled when it’s reached the end of its life. Scrapping machinery won’t earn you much money, but it can help the environment and prevent your equipment from taking up space at your business. Many recycling centres will accept various types of used waste recycling machinery, so check with your local centre.

Selling Used Recycling Equipment
There are various options available to you for selling old equipment. Just a quick search for used recycling machinery for sale UK will show you endless options for buying second hand machines. But knowing how and where to sell your used recycling equipment is sometimes a challenge. Here are some of the top options for selling used recycling machinery:

  • Private Sale: You can choose to sell your used conveyor or shredder privately to another business. This option can take time, money and patience, because attracting the interest of a private buyer isn’t easy.
  • Donation: If making money from your used recycling equipment isn’t your priority, then you might consider donating it. Donating machinery to a charity can give you a bit of a tax deduction.
  • Dismantle & Resale Service: A dismantle and resale service is an easy and reliable way to get the best ROI for used recycling machinery. Specialists, like WRT, will assess your recycling equipment, professionally dismantle it, and remarket it on your behalf.

Our dismantle and resale service from WRT is a popular option for those looking to sell their used recycling equipment. For more information or to book an assessment of your machinery, contact us today.