JEST Waste Recycler

Waste Recycling Technologies can now offer the JEST WASTE RECYCLER, which is patented worldwide by TORSAN S.L. for the separation of waste materials according to their densities. JEST WASTE RECYCLER is the only machine that separates solid waste materials by means of screening, air and water in one compact machine.

The principal application of the JEST WASTE RECYCLER SYSTEM is the recovery of solid materials from C&D Waste, Glass Waste, Wood Waste and Compost Waste.

The JEST system separates, cleans and classifies the material resulting from demolition and solid waste materials of all kinds, separating by material type, automatically regulated.

Any of the JEST models will recycle the material by separating and cleaning the stones, concrete and sand from the lighter materials (wood, plastic, paper, cardboard, etc.). For example: Wood Waste JEST separates the wood from other materials like stone, rubber, fines, metal and plastic. Glass Waste JEST separates the glass from paper, plastic, fines, hard plastic
Compost Waste JEST cleans the Compost of plastic, stones, rubber, metal etc.

The recycled aggregates and fines can be used for building, public works and road base; concrete, gravel and dry aggregate can be used for new concrete. The recycled wood can be used for new wood works, biomass, pallets and more. The recycled glass is used to create new recycled glass products and cleaned Compost can be sold as anew high-quality compost.

JEST is the only patented system of solid waste recycling that sorts it all by itself; by screening, air separation and floating system

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