Waste Fines

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Waste Fines

Fines are generally the final output from a recycling process.

This where various materials are reduced to a very fine, soil or sand consistency.

Following the separation of core items such as aggregates, metals, plastics, paper and wood, fines are created using a flip flow screen or star screen with drop through to a skip or similar container below.

More and more materials can now be reduced to fines, enabling cost-effective disposal.

Some fines have a resale value.

The Environment Agency may classify fine as Non-inert Waste or as Inert Waste.

Inert Waste is neither chemically nor biologically reactive and does not decompose. The creation of inert waste typically results in lower disposal fees than biodegradable or hazardous waste. Inert Waste is used within composting or create RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel).

Following recent changes in legislation you now need to aware of Loss of Ignition (LOI) testing.

Loss of Ignition testing (LOI).

This is a test that shows the level of contaminates within fines. This is important because if the level of active contaminates is below 10% then, it is significantly cheaper to dispose of these fines per tons. We can supply equipment to help you clean your fines to reduce your overall costs of disposal.

Common users of recycling machinery to create fines are MRF operators and construction companies/ builders.

To browse options for recycling machinery to create fines, see Waste Fines or call 01792 949773 discuss your unique needs.

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Here are just some of the reasons why you should work with Waste Recycling Technologies


Formed in 2006, WRT Recycling has 40+ years of in-house specialist expertise for you to tap into. We are therefore, the UK authority when it comes to the sale and hire of new and used waste recycling equipment.

40 years experience

We enable you to reduce, reuse and recycle - and gain the best commercial benefit. We have grown up within the recycling industry, we know it inside and out and can advise accordingly.

Fair & Honest Pricing

Our common-sense approach to pricing always ensures a fair deal. This enables you to access the right equipment at the right price to meet your unique needs.

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Our consultative and supportive approach enables us to build long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients.


Can you help me sell my unused recycling equipment?

Yes we can, please take a look at our Dismantle & Resale Service

How long have you been going?

After 30+ years in the industry I have gained extensive knowledge about methods for recycling waste. I began my career in engineering in the mid-1970s and then moved into equipment sales for mining and quarrying. In the ‘90s I focused on demolition reclamation and from 2000, got involved in the build of waste management equipment. I then set up WRT Waste Recycling Technologies in 2006. I have therefore, always been embedded within the reclaim, recycle and re-use sector.

How much do you charge?

My reputation is important to me and, as a part of this (and to keep business moving) I always offer the best rates.  Machinery prices are published on each used waste recycling equipment listing.

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