Should Your Business Buy New Or Used Recycling Equipment?

Regardless of your businesses size or industry, choosing to buy waste recycling equipment is a financial investment that requires serious consideration. With many options available for both new and second hand recycling equipment for sale, knowing which to choose can be a challenge. New waste recycling equipment is often packed full of new technologies and added features, while used recycling machinery is more reasonably priced. Once you have realised the many commercial benefits of recycling, you might be ready to purchase your own recycling equipment. If you are wondering whether you should invest in new or used recycling machinery, there are a few things you must consider;

Your Recycling Requirements

Before you can begin choosing your waste recycling equipment, you need to consider which machine is best suited to the job at hand. Think about the type of materials you are recycling and how much waste your business produces. This will help you determine which machine is going to the best option for you. New recycling machinery will probably be more advanced and have additional features that could be better suited for your needs, particularly if you specialise in specific recycling types. If you are churning out a large amount of waste, then new recycling equipment might also be a better option because you will use it more often.

On the other hand, if your requirements are relatively basic, second hand recycling machinery might be perfect for the job. A business that produces some cardboard waste might benefit from buying used recycling equipment such as a baler or compactor.  Those who produce waste wood and vegetation could make use of a used shredding machine. As a business, it is essential you don’t overspend on unnecessary recycling equipment, which can be the case with brand new machinery.

Your Recycling Equipment Budget

One of the most important considerations when deciding between new and second hand recycling equipment is budget. New machines will always cost more than used ones, so if your budget is right, then second hand recycling machinery could be the best choice for you. Bear in mind that in some cases, brand new machines could work out cheaper for the long term, especially if they have extended warranties. When considering used recycling equipment, be sure to factor in the cost of any repairs that may need to be done in future.

Recycling Equipment Maintenance

When thinking about your budget, be sure to think about ongoing maintenance. New machines will always need less maintenance than second hand recycling equipment. Used machines are more susceptible to failure because they have been worn over time, and you should also consider how having equipment out of action for repairs could impact your business. It is important to remember that second hand machines purchased from recycling equipment suppliers will have been carefully refurbished and evaluated before being sold.

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