Sustainability Teams: FAQs


From used recycling machinery to green practices, there are so many ways that businesses can improve their sustainability and reduce their carbon footprint.

We have already covered why small businesses should focus on recycling, and now we are delving deeper into sustainability teams and how they can benefit organisations of all sizes. Our recycling equipment experts are answering all your frequently asked questions on setting up a sustainability team. 

What Is A Sustainability Team?

A sustainability team, or green team, is a group of eco-conscious employees who are focused and dedicated on implementing green initiatives within the company. The term first started in education settings, and quickly became part of the corporate world, and is now a common function of many businesses. In many companies, the green team is made up of a handful of individuals from various departments, each bringing their own knowledge to the committee.

What Does A Sustainability Team Do?

It is standard for a green team to have specific objectives and goals to work towards. Usual activities for a sustainability team include;

  • Encouraging employees to engage with green practices.
  • Educate other team members on sustainability within the business.
  • Come up with new sustainability ideas and get buy in from stakeholders.
  • Implement and measure green initiatives to identify areas for improvement.
  • Reduce company waste and ensure correct recycling machinery is in place.
  • Support local sustainability and environmental projects.

Why Do Businesses Need A Sustainability Team?

Sustainability is now a key focus for all kinds of businesses and having the right people in place to meet these goals is critical. With a group of passionate people heading up the green mission, businesses will see a real positive impact. A sustainability team can inspire everyone in the business to get involved, and puts a central focus on these goals within the business. With a dedicated group of people in place, your brand can better protect the planet and will be more responsible around the materials used and waste disposal. 

How To Set Up A Sustainability Team?

If you have decided that a green team is the right solution for your business, the next step is to get started on setting one up! It isn’t as simple as getting some enthusiastic individuals together in a room; setting up a sustainability team takes planning and time. Start by deciding the level of resource you are prepared to put behind a green team, and consider if you are focusing on internal team members or will you be hiring for new positions. A lot of organisations start out by asking if any current team members will be willing to volunteer to be part of the sustainability committee. This is a great way of gauging the level of interest and people’s skill before deciding if hiring a sustainability manager is worthwhile.

Having the right sustainability team in place will help guide your business to a greener future. A dedicated group focused on this will ensure that eco-friendliness is being considered in every business decision.

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