The Ultimate Guide To Setting Up A Business Recycling Scheme

Recycling should be a priority for every business, no matter the industry or size of the organisation.

All companies produce waste of some form and have a responsibility to dispose of it appropriately. Waste management is essential for businesses, and a robust recycling scheme is one of the best solutions. From having waste recycling equipment on-site to working with a waste disposal company, there are many aspects to a successful business recycling scheme. In this guide, you can learn how to set up a recycling scheme for your business and how used recycling machinery can help.

The Benefits Of A Business Recycling Scheme
In order to have a successful recycling scheme in place at your business, it is critical that you and your team members understand the benefits it can bring. Using recycling equipment and prioritising recycling can:

  • Help The Planet: Business waste is one of the most significant contributors to landfill, and recycling equipment is a simple way of reducing the impact that your business has on the environment. By repurposing your waste, whether that be cardboard, plastics or wood, you can do your bit to help the planet.
  • Save Money: You might think that investing in recycling equipment is going to be expensive, but in the long run, a recycling scheme can save your business money. You will cut down on your waste disposal costs and eliminate the cost of landfill tax.
  • Improve Company Culture: Business recycling can have a very positive impact on your company culture. It can boost employee morale and leave them feeling like part of a positive change.

How To Set Up A Business Recycling Scheme
Setting up a recycling scheme for your organisation takes time but is well worth the effort. Follow these simple steps to launch your new recycling processes:

  • Conduct A Waste Audit: Before you can plan how you will recycle your business waste, you need to understand a little bit about it. Consider what waste materials your business produces and how much of each. Every company will create different waste, so there is no one size fits all approach to recycling.
  • Choose Recycling Equipment: Once you are aware of the type of waste you need to recycle, you can look at used recycling equipment to help with the task at hand. If you produce a lot of cardboard, then a baler might be the best option, whereas if you have green waste to dispose of, you might need a shredder.
  • Get Your Team On Board: A business recycling scheme is only as good as the people within it, so you need to make sure your team are passionate about the changes being made. Use internal communications to let everyone know about the new recycling initiatives and inform all staff of any new processes in place.
  • Know The Regulations: There are certain laws and regulations around commercial waste management and recycling equipment within businesses. Make sure you are aware of all of the commercial waste disposal requirements.

For more information on waste recycling machinery for your new scheme, contact our team of specialists.