Top 5 Uses For Cardboard Balers

Here at WRT, we know all too well there’s nothing quite like the trusty baler when it comes to recycling equipment. We also know that, whether you are operating a small or large business, you are likely creating a large amount of cardboard waste. Recycling a large amount of cardboard can be a struggle, especially if you don’t have the right recycling equipment solutions in place. Having a baler for your business means the cardboard can be compacted into small and manageable bundles, making your recycling easier, more efficient, and ultimately more affordable.

There’s no reason any business shouldn’t have a cardboard baler. But some industries can benefit from them even more than others. These are the top 5 uses for cardboard balers and the businesses that benefit from them:


Retailers are the most common business to have a cardboard baler among their recycling equipment. Any retail company is going to see vast quantities of waste from the new stock they receive each day, and they need a good solution for recycling it all. With a cardboard baler, retailers can recycle their cardboard with much more expediency and efficiency than ever before. Many retailers will have several types of recycling equipment, including balers which can recycle plastic as well.

Distribution Centres

Distribution centres are another place that will want their waste recycling equipment to include balers. Like retailers, distribution centres have vast amounts of surplus cardboard and other recyclable waste to deal with every day, whether it’s their own or from delivered goods. Since this could quickly pile up and become a logistical nightmare, the easiest and most straightforward solution of dealing with it all is with a cardboard baler.


While perhaps not as obvious as the above two examples, restaurants see their fair share of cardboard containers coming their way too. It is estimated that around 50% of all kitchen waste is cardboard, so a cardboard baler will soon become an incredibly handy piece of used recycling equipment. Food catering companies are in a similar position. Without commercial cardboard balers, the food industry would struggle to handle their cardboard waste effectively.


If anyone’s going to need a cardboard baler or two, it is a recycling plant. These plants sort through tons of cardboard and other recyclable materials all day, every day. They need a system that can process these materials in very high quantities. Without high quality balers, a recycling plant simply couldn’t function.


Hotels see their fair share of cardboard waste and also rely on balers and other waste material recycling machines to help manage their waste efficiently. All kinds of cardboard packaging come in and out of a hotel, and many will have their own restaurants producing waste as well. One major consideration for hotels is the health and safety of their guests. Failing to dispose of waste properly could lead to some potential health risks. Therefore, hotels are just one more place you’re likely to find a commercial cardboard baler as part of their recycling equipment.

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