What Can A Mobile Picking Station Be Used For?

What Can A Mobile Picking Station Be Used For?

From constructions projects to recycling centres, mobile picking stations are used across a wide variety of industries. When it comes to recycling equipment, waste picking stations are a common choice because they make it simple to separate materials. Mobile picking stations offer all the benefits of static waste material recycling machines, with the added advantage of mobility. Whether you invest in second-hand recycling machinery or hire a mobile picking station for a specific project, there are many uses for this specialist equipment.

What Is A Mobile Picking Station?

Picking stations are a type of recycling equipment that allow recyclables to be separated manually. They create a controlled and enclosed environment, where operators can work at a conveyor to separate materials by hand. Mobile picking stations are flexible versions of these traditional types of waste recycling machinery. Mobile picking stations are easy to transport and can be installed in any location quickly. They come as either two or three-bay units, and the bays are used for each of the waste materials being picked. Some mobile picking stations use recycling equipment to aid the operators work, such as overband magnets or blowers. At the end of the conveyor belt, skips can collect cleaned and process materials, ready for reuse or sale.

What Are Mobile Picking Stations Used For?

Waste material recycling machines have many different applications, and picking stations are no different. Static picking stations are commonly used in recycling stations, waste management plants and other places where permanent waste sorting is required. Mobile picking stations, however, are explicitly designed for use anywhere. They can be operational in less than thirty minutes and used for a day, week or month, depending on the project at hand. Mobile picking stations are a type of recycling equipment that is commonly used for:

  • Green waste
  • Composting
  • Wood waste
  • Commercial and industrial waste
  • Construction
  • Demolition waste
  • Contract projects

Benefits Of Mobile Picking Stations

Whether you are a waste management company or a construction business, mobile picking stations offer many benefits:

  • Quick Setup: Waste recycling equipment like mobile picking stations can be installed at any location in roughly 30 minutes. There is no need to wait around for cumbersome recycling equipment to be set up, as these picking stations are ready to go in minutes.
  • Multiple Bays: Mobile picking stations are available as either two or three-bay units, so no matter how many types of materials you are sorting, you can separate them with ease.
  • Additional Sorting Features: You don’t have to rely solely on the operators to remove materials from the conveyor belt. Recycling machinery offers additional sorting features such as overband magnets, which remove metals, and blowers to remove light materials.
  • Enclosed Picking Area: With mobile picking stations, operatives are kept safe and comfortable within a weatherproof picking area, complete with heating, lighting and electrics.

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