What Is The Difference Between A Baler And A Compactor?

When you are looking for ways to improve your waste management processes, you might be considering waste material recycling machines. A waste baler or compactor could be a good option for you but knowing which you need is vital. Knowing the differences between these two recycling equipment machines is essential for helping you choose what is right for your business. Both of these types of recycling equipment work by reducing the volume of waste materials by compressing it down to a smaller size. The key difference between a baler and compactor is the materials they are designed to process.

What Is A Compactor?

A compactor is a type of recycling equipment which compresses large amounts of mixed, unsorted waste. This waste is compressed into a container and can then be appropriately collected and disposed of. Compactors are typically used by businesses to cut down on the volume of general waste before being collected by a waste removal company. They are commonly used because they help to reduce the cost of waste removal services. Not only that but a compactor is great for cutting down on how much space your waste storage requires. There are many different sizes of compactor available from recycling equipment suppliers. In general, a compactor will cut down general waste from 3 cubic yards to just 1. 

What Is A Baler?

A baler is designed to condense recyclable materials including paper, cardboard, metal and plastic. Once reduced in a baler, these recyclable materials can then be sold on for a profit. Balers are a type of recycling equipment which work to compress recyclable waste into a neat bale, which is then bound in order to keep it together. A baler produces tidy bales of waste that are easy to stack and store before being sent off for recycling. Balers come in many different shapes and sizes, and different models meet different business needs. A stockroom baler is compact and ideal for retailers, a vertical baler is larger and can handle more waste, whereas a semi auto horizontal baler can compact high volumes. 

Do I Need A Baler Or Compactor?

If you are looking to compress your business waste and improve your waste management process, then a baler or compactor might be the right choice for you. Knowing which type of recycling equipment is best for your business will depend on the type of waste your business produces. If your company creates a lot waste that can be recycled and has goals pertaining sustainability, then a baler is going to be the best option. However, if your organisation produces very large amounts of general waste and you want recycling equipment to reduce it, then a compactor is for you. Our team of experts can help you to determine if a compactor or baler is the best choice for your business and find the right model for your waste management needs. We offer a range of used recycling machinery for businesses of all shapes and sizes.