What Kind Of Compactor Is Right For My Business?

Having the recycling equipment in place to manage waste effectively is vital for all businesses. No matter your company’s industry or size, keeping waste to a minimum and recycling as much as possible should be a priority. Used recycling machinery such as a waste compactor can help your business to save on waste costs, reduce waste volume, increase productivity and save time. A waste compactor works to compress down waste to around a fifth of its original size, and some recycling companies will be prepared to purchase compacted waste from you. However, choosing the right compactor for your business isn’t always easy. We’ve created this handy mini guide to help you find the perfect waste compactor and recycling equipment solutions for your organisation.

What Kind Of Waste Are You Producing?

Before you can choose the best recycling equipment for your business, you need to consider what kind of waste you have. Businesses can produce many different types of waste and these often need to be disposed of in different ways. When choosing the best waste recycling equipment for the job, think about what waste your business produces the most of.

If you produce a lot of solid recyclable material such as cardboard, paper, metal and plastic, then a cardboard bailer or paper compactor might be your best choice. If your business creates a large amount of general waste, then a Roto compactor could benefit you. Roto compactors can reduce general waste by up to nine times its original volume, ideal for restaurants, supermarkets, hotels and more. Food and other wet waste with an odour is best suited to a wet waste compactor which is completely sealed.

Where Can You Put A Waste Compactor?

Waste compactors and recycling equipment can come in a huge range of sizes. You will need to take into consideration where your recycling machinery will be used and stored before you decide on the best compactor for the job. Waste compactors can come as either static or portable models. If you know exactly where the majority of your waste is being produced, then choosing a compactor that can stay near to this location is beneficial. If your business works at various locations and produces waste in different places on a regular basis, then a compactor that can be transported might be your best choice.

How Much Waste Does Your Business Produce?

The amount of waste you need to compact is also vital to consider. Some compactors are perfect for compressing small amounts of waste and being loaded by hand. Others are designed to handle much more waste and can work autonomously. Once you have a good idea of the amount of waste your business is producing, you can use this to decide on the best recycling equipment. Our team here at WRT are experts in waste recycling equipment and are on hand to advise you of the best waste compactor for your business.