Why Sustainability Is The Next Big Thing For Restaurants, And How Used Recycling Machinery Can Help


For the last couple of years, the biggest challenge for the hospitality industry has been staying afloat during the COVID pandemic. Keeping employees and customers safe during this unprecedented time was at the forefront of all restaurant’s minds, but now we embrace a post pandemic world, these challenges are changing once again. Sustainability is the next big thing for the restaurant world, and in this article, we are delving into why it’s so important and how used recycling machinery can help. 

Why Should Restaurants Be Focusing On Sustainability?

Consumers are more concerned over the environment and a business’s sustainability initiatives than ever before. Diners are actively seeking restaurants which have eco-friendly policies in place, and in recent months this has become a huge part of the buying decision. In addition to attracting more customers, sustainability initiatives can actually help restaurants save money and improve their bottom line. Food waste is one of the biggest costs to any restaurant business, and is one of the easiest problems to address.

Millions of tonnes of food waste is generated by restaurants in the UK every single year, and it is the single largest category of landfill waste. It is a common misconception that because food waste is biodegradable, it will simply break down in the landfill and won’t cause any issues to the planet. The truth is, most landfills are sealed over, creating an anaerobic environment which leads to food waste struggling to break down and emitting methane. Methane is a greenhouse gas which is roughly 80 times more damaging to our planet that carbon dioxide. By diverting excess food from landfill and into proper composting processes and recycling equipment, your business can make a real difference.

Food waste isn’t the only concern for restaurants looking to improve their sustainability, as single-use items became the go-to during the pandemic. Plastic containers and cutlery very quickly became mainstream for restaurants offering take out options, and many of these were not then properly recycled and ended up in landfill. Now is the time for restaurants to make another change and ensure single use items are also sustainable. Switching to bamboo cutlery and biodegradable containers and bags can make a huge difference.

How Can Used Recycling Machinery Help?

Investing in the right recycling equipment can help restaurant businesses to improve sustainable and minimise their impact on the planet. Having the recycling machinery which is suited to your specific waste can help to cut down the amount being sent to landfill and also keep your costs down. If your restaurant produces a lot of cardboard waste, then consider investing in a used cardboard baler or compactor. If plastic is a struggle for your business, then there are plenty of used recycling machines which can help support withplastic waste.

For more information and advice on how used recycling machinery can help your restaurant thrive, contact our experts today.