WRT launches new dismantle and resale service

WRT is pleased to launch a new service to ensure you get the best ROI for your unused recycling machinery.

From assessment to sale

We will come to you and assess your unwanted recycling equipment and give you a guide to its resale worth.

Then if you’d like us to, we can professionally dismantle the entire system, remarket it for you and sell it for you.

We can even, if required, reinstall at the buyer’s location.

Case study

We have a strong example of this.

In recent weeks we’ve worked with our business partners Recycling Plant & Machinery on a removal and resale project for a client in Stockton-on-Tees.

The system was a substantial processing plant for RDF.

Our client relocated their business to a new site with the above plant included.

Incorporating shredders, optical sorters, air separation, screening and bailing it initially cost around €6m to supply and install.

It had been fully operational until handover but our client did not want to retain it, because doing so did not fit their business model.

We could see that it was installed as recently as 2014 and retained a strong resale value.

In agreement with the client and over an 11 week process (which gives you an idea of the scale here) we logically dismantled and removed the unit ready for resale.

In this case, we advised our client that they’d see a better return on investment if it was sold as components.

Everything was delivered on time and on budget.

Flexible options

We can therefore dismantle, remove, resell and reinstall on your behalf or we can buy your entire recycling unit from you and take it away.

It’s all about what works best for you and gives you the highest financial return.


Find out more

For more information, please call me Steve Hill on 07703 066111 or email info@wrtltd.co.uk