Your Common Recycling Equipment Questions Answered


As specialists in used recycling equipment, we are often asked questions regarding our machines and recycling in general. Our team understand that recycling machinery isn’t always a straightforward subject, and the world of recycling is always evolving. In this guide, we have put together your most common recycling equipment questions, answered by our experts.

Why Does Waste Need To Be Separated In Recycling Machinery?

One of the biggest hassles of recycling is the requirement to separate various materials. It can be tempting to put all your waste in together and hope for the best, but this can cause serious problems with both your recycling equipment and the end result of recycling. Different used recycling machines are designed to handle different materials, for example, you can get machinery specifically for use with cardboard, plastics, or wood. Not only that, but every material has a different end use and needs to be processed in a unique way.

Does One Wrong Item In Recycling Equipment Ruin The Whole Batch?

Depending on the material you are recycling, it is possible for an entire batch or bale to become contaminated by disposing of an incorrect item. If materials are not properly separated prior to going into used recycling machines, the rest of the recyclables may have to go into landfill.

Is Recycling Cost Effective For My Business?

There has been a long running debate on whether recycling really is cost effective or not. On one hand, the cost of collecting, transporting, sorting, and breaking down plastic to make new products can work out more expensive than making virgin plastic. On the other hand, a business with a well-organised waste management plan can save a significant amount of money compared to those with other forms of waste disposal. The cost efficiency of recycling also depends on the material in question, as metal and glass recycling are much more cost effective than creating these from raw materials.

What Materials Can Be Recycled?

The materials which can be recycled at your business may vary depending on the type of recycling equipment you have and your waste management service. Generally, most organisations can recycle paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, and food waste. There are also many items which cannot be recycled and can lead to contamination in your waste. Read our guide on 6 Things Your Business Should Stop Recycling to find out more.

Why Invest In Used Recycling Equipment?

At WRT, we are specialists in used recycling equipment, and there are many reasons why purchasing used machinery over new can be a great business decision. All of our recycling machines are thoroughly serviced, quality checked, and revamped to offer the best possible service at a smaller price tag. Purchasing brand new recycling equipment can be a huge investment, and one that many businesses can’t afford to make. From cost and ROI to service and maintenance, there are so many benefits to buying used recycling equipment.

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