Your ‘go to’ – How our recycling expertise helps you financially

With 30+ years of experience, WRT is a leading UK recycling equipment supplier and consultant. We’re here to help you REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE – and gain the best financial benefit whist doing so. We are therefore, your ‘go to’ for specialist knowledge.

Here are just some of the ways that we can help.

We can bring you cost savings

We can advise on how to access the most cost-effective machinery and recycle all types of industrial materials in the most profitable way.

This can be helping you get the best financial return from the recycling you’re already doing or helping you start a recycling income from scratch.


We can spot additional financial opportunities

You may already be using a screening / picking and separating feed-in process.

We can look at your existing operation and we may be able to suggest further output options to give you an additional income.


We can source your machinery

We are very well connected and we can source equipment to meet any kind of recycling need – and at the best price.


We can provide technical support

We can advise on all equipment installations and use, and come up with efficient technical (and cost-effective) solutions when you have a problem.


We can give advice on what’s best to buy

Not sure if you should purchase new or secondhand? We can advise you and also ensure that you don’t ‘over-buy.’

We can also signpost to finance.


We can give advice on where and how to sell

It’s all very well creating a recycled product but you need to ensure you have a buyer.

We can help with this and also ensure you get the best prices for your product.


We can answer any questions

For example, one question we often get asked is, “We’re looking to improve things, what can you recommend?”

This is a nice example of a question we’re perfectly placed to answer but really, you can come to us with any query or problem in relation to industrial/ agricultural recycling and we’re pretty sure we’ll be able to help.


Give us a call

We are always happy to give free advice and we can do this over the ‘phone or come and see you.  To get started, call Steve Hill 07703 066 111 or email